Jun 24


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What we’re about

Mental Magma is about getting paid to be creative. We host weekly contests that are unlike any you’ll find elsewhere on the web. The contests pit your imagination against other users of the site in a winner-take-all, there-be-only-one, creative extravaganza. The contests will utilize all kinds of skills including writing, photography, drawing, videography, and many others. Every Monday you can check out the site to find out what the latest contest is and what the prize will be. We’ll award the prize to the winner as determined by the users of MM.


1. Why did you name your site Mental Magma?
Because all of the good names were taken.  We discussed some of the other names we considered in this post.

2. So your business model is to have crazy contests and give away money? Wow, you guys are financial wizards!
Our business model solves our very dangerous money surplus. Actually, we do have a plan to eventually become solvent. Some of our contests are for things that we make into real world items (like t-shirts, posters, greeting cards, and Large Hadron Colliders).

3. So if I design something that you guys make into a product, you guys are going to pay me like, what, $25?
Well, the prizes for those kind of contests are often more significant and we give the winning designers a portion of the money from sales.

4. Are these questions really frequently asked? Or are you just trying to preemptively anticipate what people might ask? Like, take this question, was it written by a customer or by one of the developers?
Shut up!

5. What is next week’s contest?
Listen buddy…tell you what…since you asked so nicely…I’ll give you a hint. It will be related to this.

6. Why can I sometimes not click on the thumbs up icons in the comments section?
Well, in order to prevent voting fraud, the blog logs your IP address and won’t let any one address vote more than one time on a particular comment. A consequence of this measure is that people sharing IP addresses (like people in the same house) aren’t all able to vote.

7. What’s a merch contest?
Like question 2 mentions, some of our contests result in contest entries being made into real items that are available in our online store. We call those contest “merch” contests in an attempt to be hipper-than-thou. During these contests, all entries are eligible to be turned into merch, not just the ones voted best by MM users. In most contests, any entry chosen to be sold in our online store will earn its creator $1 for each item sold during the first month it is available.