Jul 27 2008

Contest #5: I’m Not Not Batman

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With Christian Bale’s newest Batman flick rocking the box office, it got one MM user thinking about who might or might not really be Batman. That user is Brendan, winner of last week’s contest and this week’s guest judge. He pitched an idea for this week’s contest, and we loved it. That means he’ll get to nominate his favorite entry to be in the finals.

This week’s contest is: Name the celebrity least likely to be Batman in real life. You must give a short (no more than a few sentences) argument for your answer. You can interpret the word celebrity loosely here; anyone who is well known qualifies, but we are limiting the answers to males celebrities. Also, unlike most weeks, you can only enter this week’s contest 3 times, so make them count.

You can enter the contest by clicking on Contest Entries (also located below) and leaving your answer there. By leaving an entry you are agreeing to the contest rules and terms. This week's prize is a $25 gift certificate to Amazon.com.

Like usual, our users will determine the winner. You can show your approval for the unBatman candidates in the Contest Entries section by clicking on the thumbs-up icon. Friday evening we'll put up a poll with 5 finalists. You'll have until 5pm EST on Sunday to vote. Good luck!

Contest Summary:

What you have to do: Name the celebrity least likely to be Batman in real life. (And tell us why.)
How to enter: Write your entry in the Contest Entries section.
Deadline: Friday, August 1st at 5pm EST
Prize: A $25 Amazon.com gift certificate

Announcement: This contest is closed. Feel free to continue to leave your answers here, but you'll be doing so strictly for our edification. Why don't you check out the latest update or contest?

260 Responses to “Contest #5: I’m Not Not Batman”

  1. Garrett Says:
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    George Clooney.
    The way he played Batman was proof enough that it’s not him.

  2. Agent Mammal Says:
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    Keith Richards.
    I’m pretty sure he was voted most likely to be mistaken for a zombie. I think that would make him poor candidate for the caped crusader.

  3. Laura @ Laura Williams' Musings Says:
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    Martin Short… he’d be trying to make people laugh instead of capturing them Plus the batman suit would be too big on him.

    I blogged you here:


    Be sure to stop by and enter my three contest.


  4. Bunny B Says:
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    Jay Leno.
    Do I need to explain why?
    Even with his mask on, people will still be able to figure out who he really is!

  5. NatureMom Says:
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    James McAvoy…my fave but to little to be Batman…also too much humor.

  6. Susanne Says:
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    Conan O’Brien…I think he might make a good Robin, but NO Batman!!

  7. Erin Says:
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    Shia LeBouf, for his repeated, idiotic run-ins with the law!

  8. tuesday Says:
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    Danny Devito, he would never fit the costume.

  9. Eric Chandler Says:
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    Verne Troy. I’m fairly sure nobody would mistake a midget for an avenging creature of the night.

  10. Stacy Says:
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    Aaahnold. I don’t think he would fit into the costume.

  11. smodaresi Says:
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    Oh darn, you took mine! He’s such a good choice! :)

  12. Adventures In Babywearing Says:
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    Will Ferrell is SO not Batman because he would just crack us up.

    Would love to win!


  13. Sally Says:
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    Barry Manilow would begin singing and give it away!


  14. Keely Says:
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    Paul Reuben (aka Pee Wee Herman) I don’t think he’d take the task seriously and would probably insist on wearing a bowtie and screaming when someone said the magic word!

  15. val Says:
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    paul williams…..LOL! Remember him? You gotta look him up if not. He’d be a better penquin. Man was short and round and wrote smoopsy love songs…….

  16. Tish Says:
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    Celeb least like Batman…ummm how about Superman…Christopher Reeve.

    Because he’s superman..and superman is NOTHING like Batman.

    Seems logical to me…

  17. Heather Says:
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    Robin Williams…he just couldn’t keep a straight face. Batman has that air of mystery around him and Robin couldn’t pull that off.

  18. Stephanie Says:
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    Hmm I would have to say Zac Efron – he couldn’t be. Batman has this older, cool sophistication that comes with age.

  19. Dan Says:
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    Heath Ledger. How could the joker be Batman, impossible. Plus… he’s dead.

  20. Stephanie Says:
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    What about RICHARD SIMMONs! His hair would fit in the outfit, and I wouldn’t be able to stop laughing!

    grayjones5 at yahoo dot com

  21. Jennifer Bogart Says:
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    John Candy, I know he’s deceased now, and definitely out of the running on that count – but he was a BIG guy, definitely not athletic enough for Batman.

  22. Jennifer Bogart Says:
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    Now in case John Candy doesn’t count (well, he’s not alive in any case, but was the first person to come to mind), I’ll put in a second entry. Steve Martin – he’s hilarious, but has done too much goofy comedy to be Batman – who is always so serious and…stoic.

  23. Jennifer Bogart Says:
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    Okay, one more…Chris Rock. Again – too comedic, and he’s black. A black batman would be a first, but not likely :).

  24. IngShoe Says:
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    Woody Allen (comedian)
    How could a persona so physically challenged and socially undesirable be Batman? Allen said as a child he was sent to an interfaith summer camp, where he was “savagely beaten by children of all races and creeds.” He wouldn’t be able to save himself let alone Gotham City!

  25. CrystalGB Says:
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    Adam Sandler. I don’t think a comedian would play the role right.

  26. James Says:
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    Dave Chappelle

    When I scrolled down to this comment box Dave Chappelle immediately came to mind. Probably because he is a smoker – Batman strikes me as one health conscious dude. I suppose there is the whole weed thing as well.

    Actually, I take that back I think he would make a great Batman.

  27. Han5nah T. Says:
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    I’m thinking John Madden. Batman doesn’t having one of those “drawing on the screen” thingies, and I’m pretty sure that’s all the technology John can handle.

    And he’d be pretty funny in that suit. The ab plate would be beyond comical.

  28. Frankie C Says:
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    I’m thinking Christian Bale. Because no one would expect the guy who plays Batman on television to -really- be Batman.

  29. Mrs. Sara Says:
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    Ron Jeremy. There’s no way he’d fit in that tight rubber suit.

  30. Jesse Pindus Says:
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    Two words: Jack. Black.

  31. Padma Says:
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    Steven Cojocaru from Entertainment tonight, because he couldn’t find pumps to match his costume.

  32. Padma Says:
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    Woody Allen, because the orphans of Gotham city would be afraid of him.

  33. Paula H Says:
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    Andy Dick…He is a guy, right?

  34. Mo Says:
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    Jack Black. I love him, but he’s too short, chubby, and rude. Batman needs to be suave and sexy…in and out of the suit.

  35. R.E.D. Says:
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    William Shatner
    says, “That…SUIT…is…NOT…
    SANitary! I…DON’T…WANT…to go…WHERE…other…MEN…have…

  36. R.E.D. Says:
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    Verne Troyer(Mini-Me)…Because the Bat Suit doesn’t have a fly for him to look out of.

  37. R.E.D. Says:
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    Just picture it: The Bat Suit with a zipper and Mini-Me looking out of the crotch!

  38. Eric Chandler Says:
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    I already said that one. Go Check reply #9.

  39. R.E.D. Says:
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    ANY of the Baldwin brothers because it would just be wrong, that’s all.

  40. Agent Mammal Says:
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    But you have to admit, the crotch thing is funny. :)

  41. Jamieshalon Says:
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    I would have to say Steven tyler. Can you just
    Imagine those huge lips coming at you. He could
    fly by opening his mouth, LOL.

  42. R.E.D. Says:
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    Sorry, Eric! I didn’t see your post.

  43. Amanda Says:
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    Awesome giveaway! Thanks for hosting!

  44. R.E.D. Says:
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    Sorry, Eric, I didn’t see your post. My reason why he wouldn’t make a good batman is different, though, and I hope, for that reason, everyone will consider mine as an original entry.

  45. spazdreamer Says:
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    Simon Cowell..He’d just criticize your cry for help

  46. Patti Says:
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    I have to say Kelsey Grammer…It just doesn’t work.

  47. spazdreamer Says:
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    Carson Kressley…he’d more in likely change your wardrobe while your being attacked.

  48. Ronnica Says:
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    Zac Efron…he’s way too cutesy!

  49. spazdreamer Says:
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    Michael Jackson…girly voice..dance moves…glove…these would just be dead giveaways!!

  50. Padma Says:
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    I agree. You can use the same person as long as your reason is different.

  51. Andrea Says:
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    LoL! How about Richard Simmons? Ha haha hahaha.. I don’t think so!!! Let rescue some people while sweatin’ to the oldies! Please enter me to win. Thanks.

  52. Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah Says:
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    Florence Henderson. Carol Brady is so not Batman.

    Am I allowed to pick girls?

  53. Dixie Says:
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    Donald Trump-not that he wouldn’t like to be mind you.Then again, the overall value of Wayne Manor would probably triple in value if the donald lived there.

  54. Tammy Says:
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    Christopher Lee. Too tall and would be too overly dramatic.

  55. emily roper Says:
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    i’ll say Adam Sandler. he’s way too goofy!

  56. Emily Says:
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    Hulk Hogan, strong but would probably scare everybody to death if he tried to rescue them.

  57. Thomas Says:
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    This is belaboring the obvious, but the contest is to name the person AND tell us why.

  58. Go Amie Says:
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    Bill Murray. He is just too goofy! I love him though. :)

  59. Kimberly Says:
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    Verne (Mini-Me) .. because he’s just to mini and I don’t think he would make a convincing super hero :)

  60. Susanne Says:
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    David Hasselhoff. Sure he’s good at running on the beach and saving people from the ocean, but defeating the bad guys? I don’t think so. :-)

  61. Deborah Says:
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    Heath Ledger…b/c he’s dead…lol

  62. Memarie Lane Says:
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    Kathy Bates. I just can’t really see her in the suit. Or flying through the air. Or making out with Kim Basinger.

  63. Beckie Says:
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    Mr. Incredible
    Blurring the lines between super heroes is NEVER a good idea ;)

  64. Bebemiqui Says:
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    Brendan Fraser…he’s just such a doof!
    Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

  65. Emily Says:
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    Wilford Brimley. Too much fiber from those Quaker oats.

  66. Debra Divine Says:
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    Hands down I would have to say the she-devil Meryl Streep In “The Devil Wears Prada.” She is the antagonist of a batman figurine; no hero or altruism.

  67. ppreacherswife Says:
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    Andy Dick. Nuff said.

  68. Carrie H. Says:
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    Well, I’m gonna nominate Clint Eastwood. Because he’s so badass that he doesn’t need a secret identity to fight crime. He’d say “Give me a break with that rubber suit and just shoot the bad guy.”

  69. Tracey Says:
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    Paris Hilton….she’s too concerned with herself to help anyone even if she has a disguise on!

  70. Tammy Says:
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    Quentin Tarantino — all the people in his scripts drive Chevy’s, his characters are framed in doorways (when was the last time you saw Batman use a door?), and his first noted screenplay was entitled “Captain Peachfuzz and the Anchovy Bandit,” — need I say more?

  71. misty Says:
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    George Michael… because he’s too busy polishing his knob to save anyone. Besides, he can’t even save himself.

  72. Jackie @ Our Moments Our Memories Says:
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    Drew Carey. He totally doesn’t fit the image, plus he’s boring on The Price is Right, so I wouldn’t have hope for him in this role.

  73. Debra Ford Says:
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    Gabe Kaplan…..can you imagine? Kotter would not make a superhero in any sense of the word

  74. Carol Says:
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    I’d say Don Knotts…too skinny, and too dead.

  75. Jessica Says:
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    Mmm, Julianne Moore. Because I’m pretty sure she’s actually Wonder Woman.

  76. Tracy Robertson Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Pee Wee Herman. He’d make a totally different kind of Batman, but I don’t think that any of us want to see that!

  77. leigh Says:
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    britney spears…. although she might try. but really, could you see her as bruce wayne? :)

  78. Kurosh Says:
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    Carrot Top. he’d have way too many bat-props

  79. Kurosh Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +5

    Bruce Willis/John McClane because that’s just too much badass under one cowl

  80. Teri Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Paul Reuben – aka Pee Wee Herman. He might be a bit disturbed, but I think he’s better suited for the Joker than Batman.

  81. Jessi Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Hugh Jackman…He’s wolverine…so he can’t be Batman!

  82. Kurosh Says:
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    Keanu Reeves. because he is…the O-nay (one said in Keanu speak)

  83. Kimberly V. Says:
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    Ryan Seacrest would NOT make a good Batman. The man is EVERY WHERE! Every where you turn there he is – radio, TV, appearances… BUT… he’s not Batman!!! LOL!

  84. Betsy Says:
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    Jack Black…he would have to loose his belly and get pumped up for it and he is famous for his “weight”. It is what makes him, him.

  85. Kathleen W. Says:
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    Bret Michaels…with that long blond hair sticking out from the mask…he already has the tight pant thing going on.

  86. Kim Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +4

    I think I have to say Gilbert Gottfried.

  87. Kelly Ann T. Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Carson Kressley whould not make a good batman, but he could help him look good naked.

  88. Christi Says:
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    I think Carrot Top is the least likely to be Batman. His props often fail, so could you imagine him trying to throw a web? Yikes!

  89. Sara Says:
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    Rosie O’Donnell.. O doubt she is Batman… I seriously doubt it

  90. Mecha-Shiva Says:
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    Shia LeBeouf. Even Bruce Wayne can’t afford to get hammered and wreck the Batmobile.

  91. The Pumkin Patch Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    Robin Williams. Too goofy and short! :)

  92. Nise' Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    Weird Al.. The hair (as I remember it) would be a dead giveaway.

  93. Annabelle@Christian Momma Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Richard Simmons…I just don’t think Batman would look great in those little shorts and it would make it hard for him to hide in those flashy shirts!

  94. Junglewife Says:
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    Chris Kattan… He’s just too much “Mango” to be Batman!!!

  95. The Mom Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Richard Simmons, because his hair would get all nappy under the mask and ew for bat booty shorts.

  96. brandy w Says:
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    ryan seacrest
    he would never get his hands dirty

  97. Deborah Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Drew Carry…I mean really?!

  98. Shilo Beedy Says:
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    I would have to say Hulk Hogan would never make a good batman.

  99. April Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    My pick would be Richard Simmons as the least likely. He’d want to break out into an exercise program in the middle of taking down the bad guys.

  100. Tiago Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +20

    Geoge W. Bush, because great deduction isn’t really his thing, and because if he had an utility belt he would probably be a better President.

  101. Tiago Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    I meant “George” not “Geoge”.

  102. Kristenkj Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    David Spade. I mean, really, does it even need an explanation???

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  103. Bunny Slippers Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    Jeff Goldblum: he’d forget which alter ego to become and turn into “The FLY”! Holy Antenna, Batman!

  104. GrnMtnGirl Says:
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    Jack Nicholson as Batman to Robin:
    “You can’t handle the batcar!”

    Nope, keep casting!

  105. Jay Bryan Says:
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    Mike Tyson because Da-nah-nah-nah-nah nah, Da-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah,
    Dan-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah BITE MAN! Does not have the same ring to it.

  106. Amity Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    David hasselhoff..On knight rider he rocked…but now he is just too cheesy..it would probabley be funny though..hehe.

  107. Kathie Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Seth Green. Thanks for the chance. Visit me at http://www.mypreppypurse.blogspot.com

  108. Cheryl W Says:
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    Elijah Wood

    Because he’s a hobbit! Well, not really, but you know what I mean!

  109. Matt Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +4

    OJ Simpson, because we all know that Batman doesn’t kill and is not fond of using handguns.

  110. CanCan (Mom Most Traveled) Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    Woody Allen…I’m not sure he can see all that well, and he seems to have a lot of problems. Also: not buff.

    onlycancan at hotmail dot com

  111. lisa Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +3

    definitely richard simmons: “Inside every BAT person is a thin person screaming to get out.” nah…it just doesn’t go here. and…ooooo…that fro!

  112. lisa Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    shoot! i just saw that someone else put him….but i thought of mine early yesterday and was in the airport all day and had no way to post….so technically?! it’s funny…whatever!

  113. majellamom Says:
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    I’d have to go with Ray Romano…

    First of all, I just can’t see batman with his nose…also, there would need to be some serious costume padding, because he’s pretty skinny. And then, just think of him saying “I’m Batman” and I think that just puts the nail in the coffin (that being said, I love him and think he is hilarious)

    Fun contest!

  114. pat s Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    how about Ryan Seacrest? thanks for the cool prize!

  115. Nikki Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Micheal Jackson.

    Please enter me.
    homeschooling mom of 6

  116. Gabriel Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    Nope, but if we did, Carol Brady would be a pretty good answer. Maybe you could go with one of the male Brady kids.

  117. Gabriel Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    Yeah, it’s okay, duplicate answers are bound to come up. As long as you have different rationale it’s aight.

  118. World's Greatest Mommy Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I’m going to say Steve Carell. He just doesn’t seem the type.

  119. Leah Cole Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Spencer Pratt – of the Heidi\Spencer reality TV pseudo celebrity

    I think one look at him and you will know why he wouldn’t be batman.

  120. smodaresi Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    Sorry, but Hugh Jackman would make an AWESOME Batman. I know he’s already Wolverine, but he could probably pull off both!

  121. Dani' Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    Bill Gates, because he lets viruses slip through. Batman would conquer them sooner.

  122. jwcraw Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Will Ferrell. He should just stop making movies.

  123. smodaresi Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +3

    Nicholas Cage because he sucks in all his movies (except for Adaptation). Plus, he’s usually kinda skinny and scaredy…not a good Batman.

  124. Megan Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    How about Dog the bounty hunter. Dont know that his mullet would go under the mask…lol

  125. Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Perez Hilton. I don’t think he’d put the Bat Cave to good use.

  126. Amy Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Drew Carey. He would never fit into the costume.

  127. AirDave817 Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    I’d say my entry would be John Cusack. You can see from The Dark Knight that Batman isn’t a dog-lover. John Cusack – Must Love Dogs. I haven’t seen it, but I think Cusack is better at Being John Malkovich. Since it took Cusack – what? – five years to hook up with kate Beckinsale in Serendipity – what are his chances of catching The Joker, Two-Face, Catwoman, The Penguin or The Riddler?

  128. Angie Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I am saying Will Farrell, since I don’t think he could manage to say anything with out SHOUTING it!


  129. Maureen Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Gary Coleman b/c he’s waayy to short!

  130. Carol Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Jack Black, he’s too silly to take the part. The answer above me cracked me up. THanks for the chance to win.

  131. Jessica C Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I was going to say Jack Black too. I think he would sympathizes with the bad guys then they would all go out for a drink.

  132. Dave Weinberg Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1


  133. Emily Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Jerry Springer, good guy and all but i could never see him in a bat man suit, that would just not be good.

  134. Kristie Belding Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +3

    Carrot Top would never do as Batman. He’s got the props and is buff enough now to take on most foes, but as Bruce Wayne he’d stand out like a beacon with that freckly white skin and curly red fro!

    >Fellow cursed Ginger<

  135. Sara Adams Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Andy Dick because he’s way way over the other side oppisite of a super hero:S
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  136. diane d Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    I’d have to say Bill Clinton. I guess I don’t feel comfortable with him always
    answering the bat phone. Well, then again . . . Hillary would pick it up. :)

  137. Ginny Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Danny Devito for many reasons, but I just see him as Penguin!

  138. jessica Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    probably george bush.

    if we were to depend on him for super powers we’d be in bad shape…wait…we already are?!?!?


  139. Heidi Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I could not see George Bush being a real life Batman! Thanks for the giveaway!

  140. Jennifer Hill Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Sean Connery! He is too hot to hide behind that suit.

  141. that girl Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Brad Pitt — because we’d NEVER want that face covered by a mask!

    shuey6 at comcast dot net

  142. christene Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Woody Allan, just to small and squeeky..

  143. Randy Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +3

    Screech from Saved by the Bell. His high pitch voice would cause villians to crack up.

  144. Carrie Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +4

    Gary Coleman.
    “Whatchyou talkin’ bout, Robin?”

  145. reeva Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Trey Atkins hehehe He’s such a manly guy..he’d be hilarious.

    Great giveaway! I hope i’m the lucky winner :)

  146. Sheila Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Jack Black. Well, just look at him!

  147. Alka Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I’d have to say justin timberblake, because hes just not manly enough!

    thank you!

  148. Ebie Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    i say wallace shawn, my hubby says martin short.

  149. Faye Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Vin Diesel…too many muscles, plus I don’t think Batman is bald. :)

    I still think Vin Diesel is cute though. :P

  150. Ebie Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    whoops, and the reason being b/c wallace shawn probably wouldn’t fit the costume and his voice just isn’t superheroey (i know, INCONCEIVABLE!) and martin short b/c well really, a stunted skinny jerky batman?

  151. she Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +3

    Ed McMahon. He can’t even pay for his house — how can he make criminals pay for their crimes?

  152. Pam Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Adam Sandlar cause I dnt like hinm and I like batman.

  153. she Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +3

    George Takei (Sulu off Star Trek). His gay little giggle wouldn’t intimidate anyone, except maybe a roomful of tribbles.

  154. she Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +3

    Gary Coleman. He’d keep saying, “Whatchu talking about Joker?”

  155. Jay Bryan Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    Actually, John Madden on the telestrater would be great “BAM!”, “BANG!”, “POW!”.

  156. Theresa Shafer Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Micheal Jackson. He is more the Joker type of guy.

  157. Elizabeth P Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Larry the Cable guy…Git er done robin! ROTF…

  158. Bunny Slippers Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +3

    Mahmoud Ahmadinezhad:
    He would NEVER be caught in a black head covering.
    Holy Hejab, Batman!

  159. Elisa Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Elijah Wood… he could never be Batman because everyone would just be thinking “Hobbit” every time they saw his face.

  160. Elisa Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Philip Seymour Hoffman… no offense to him, because we like him, but he’d be a little too large for the suit.

  161. april Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Andre the Giant

  162. Butterbean Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    Gary Coleman…can you imagine hearing,
    “what you talkin bout, Joker”?

  163. kiy Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Kermit the Frog. He’s too busy being green to wear black!

  164. Caryn B Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    Jackie Chan…”A lot of people ask me when I do a stunt, ‘Jackie, are you scared?’ Of course I’m scared. I’m not Superman.” See? He’d never be Superman…or Batman…or any other superhero!

  165. geri Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!! Please include me!


    Danny Devito– I mean really it’s obvious

  166. Wilson Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    Kevin Smith.

    Silent Bob trying to batman in Mallrats should be proof enough.

  167. Lori Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Kevin Spacey, for while he is an impeccable actor, his Lex Luthor was terrible and proved he should just stay away from the whole genre of superhero movies!

  168. Grace Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    ahh, Batman. Johnny Depp. It would be like penguin playing joker playing edward scissorhands playing batman. twisted would not even describe him/it.

  169. lindsey Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Gilbert Gottfried – nobody would be able to stay in the theater for very long without getting annoyed with his voice.

  170. Joy F Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Danny DeVito — the suit definitely wouldn’t fit and the thought of him flying through the air just about sends me into hysterics!

  171. lisa Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    i met him in real life on senior spring break….never saw his videos but based on his short shorts…i’d call it a myth…or all in proportion. he’s a tiny, hairy, little thing! but this answer is still funny so i’ll give it a thumbs up:)

  172. Toni Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Will Ferrell I just dont’ think the curly hair would play well for the batman, that cap has to be hard enough to get on

  173. Leo Dirac Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +3

    Arnold Schwarzenegger — With all that money and those connections, he’s just too much in the public eye to get away with night-time vigilantism. Besides, he’s too muscly to fit into the bat suit.

  174. Chrysa Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    John C. Reilly would make a terrible Batman. He is just too goofy and he certainly doesn’t look the part either!

  175. amyd29 Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    how bout matthew lillard,now that would be crazy,scrany&too funny. ahdrad2932(at)msn(dot)com

  176. Garrett Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    Dolly Parton. The Batsuit can cover a lot, but. . .

  177. Garrett Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Woody Allen. While the Batsuit would be right up his alley, he’s way too indecisive to drive the Batmobile.

    That said, were I casting an actor to play Batman, he’d top my list.

  178. Sierra Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Britney Spears … because how can she save the world, if she can’t save herself?! :) (Although she is doing much better these days, it seems!)

  179. Tisha Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I would have to say Charlie Sheen… he would seem more like one of the villains. =)

  180. Christina Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Miley cyrus would be a great batgirl!

  181. Karen Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Conan O’Brien;)

  182. Molly Capel Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Morgan Freeman- his slow soothing way of speaking just would not cut it as Batman.

  183. megan Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I agree with the David Spade post. I was originally thinking
    Andy Dick but they are close to the same.

  184. Shay Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    George Clooney! He just doesn’t have it in him. Make sure you stop by my blog for a chance to win a Princess Bracelet made by yours truely.

  185. AJ Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +4

    The Geico Gecko
    I don’t think he’d fit into the costume, and he’s too busy trying to save us hundreds on car insurance!

    What a fun giveaway!

  186. Darcie Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Very fun concept.

    I’d have to go with Ryan Seacrest. He’s too short.

  187. Davina Perret Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Chevy Chase or Steve Martin. No one would take them seriously. I just saw The Dark Knight last night and it was awesome. Love Christian Bale.

  188. Josie Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Least likely to be Batman in real life? That would have to be Jack Nickolson… Cuz no one would think that the second most famous Joker would be Batman! lol

  189. Nessa Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I’d say Jim Carrey. He’s already been the Riddler right? It would just be too confusing to be bad then good. Plus, in real life he seems too goofy to be Batman. Super heroes need to be serious to save people and the world and all that jazz.

  190. Nickolus Fushianes Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Entry for Batman contest:

    George W. Bush : Cause he walks funny like Batman

  191. Nickolus Fushianes Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Barry Bonds: Cause He is Batman!

  192. Nickolus Fushianes Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    ntry for Batman contest: Stavros Gorgos Nickos panalagatisis Cause

    any Greek Guy with a name like that deserves to be Batman!

  193. Nickolus Fushianes Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    I,M Old – I read the contest too fast and got it backwards I
    nominated people who could be Batman but come to think of it
    I,M Not Not Batman means I am Batman so I’m right after all!

  194. Audrey Okaneko Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I think Will Ferrell would make the worst Batman. He is too silly to be a serious superhero. He would probably chase girls instead of bad guys.

  195. Storm Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +3

    Marilyn Manson

    A bad guy could just sneeze on him, and he’d go falling to the ground, so who’d suspect him? ;)

  196. Bitsy Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Richard Simmons ~ I mean, really!!!!!!!

  197. Tammy Darling Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +4

    VP Cheney
    If he shoots his friends, do you really think he’ll save us from the bad guys? Thanks for the contest.

  198. Gabriel Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    Very true. We only named the contest as a reference to a Simpsons episode in which Homer says “I’m not not licking toads.” It was either this title or the more accurate but less comprehensible: “I won’t abstain from not being Batman.”

  199. Erin Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Gilbert Godfrey….uggggh!

  200. Crayl Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Micky Rooney.

  201. Liz G. Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +3

    Steve Buschemi– because he’s already Mr. Pink and that’s just as cool as being Batman.

  202. Brittany Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I gotta go with Shia LaBouf (I think that’s how he spells his name?). I don’t think Batman would approve of drunk driving.


  203. Lisa G. Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Seth Rogan- beside being a little to heavy for the part he’s just to funny to play in an action movie.

  204. Jonathan Soweidy Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Tobey maguire, he certainly proved he cannot play a bad ass at all in Spider-Man 3.

  205. Suzanne Lewis Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Jack Black. He is too goofy.

  206. denice p Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    Woody Allen is who i would least think as batman with superhero qualities. C’mon now the man has some questionable tastes and a superhero is all about good and justice. Plus, he kinda looks like he would go down with a finger poke to the chest.

  207. Nature Deva Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Gilbert Godfrey. That annoying voice coming out of the batman costume would be so irritating. Plus he’s a little, skinny man.

  208. sarah Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Kevin James, the guy from The King of Queens. He’d never get the role!!!!! bwahaha.

  209. Sharon Fairclough Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Steve Martin would make a awful Batman, everyone would be waiting for a punch line, the same with Ben Stiller. Thanks for the contest

  210. Zombie Money Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I don’t think Carrot Top would make a good batman……….lol

  211. Pamk Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Martin short and come on that voice and that short body. Batman no way.
    scrtsbpal (at) yahoo (dot) com

  212. tricia Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Britney Spears….Hard to look good in a black suit with orange Cheeto stains on it. The fabric is probably highly flammable and all that smoking would ignite it. This might put her in the running to be The Torch, but not Batman.

    Ding Dang y’all

  213. R.E.D. Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    Thanks for the support Agent Mammal and Padma but I just heard that due to unexpected budget cuts and the posts on this site, Verne Troyer WILL play the the bottom half of the Caped Crusader in, BATMAN:THE SHORT NIGHT(SIC) They are still casting for someone to be the top half. Rumors have it that, since he got booted off The Greatest American Dog, Tillman is on the short list.

  214. Jessica Gugel Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Tom Cruise would make a horrible Batman in my opinion.
    thanks for the contest.

  215. Tamara Bennington Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I’ve got two better how about Mick Jaggar, Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones. Couldn’t you see those two in the costume. They would difinitely need a mask to hide their faces. Thank-you for the contest.

  216. judy brittle Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Tiny Tim,he’s too busy tiptoeing through the tulips.
    Thank you so much!

  217. Nickolus Fushianes Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Here’s a correction to one of my previous entries now that I’ve
    got the contest straight:

    BARRY BONDS— Because he really is the phony Batman in

    in real life; his records are all a fraud!

  218. Nickolus Fushianes Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    correction to another one of my entries now that i have the contest straight:

    George W. Bush—cause he’s too dumb not to get tangled

    up in the Bat Cape!

  219. Nickolus Fushianes Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +3

    correction to my last entry:

    Stavros Gorgos Nickos Panalagatsis—A Greek guy could

    never be Batman, it would take too long to

    read the Bat Signal.

  220. Nickolus Fushianes Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    My entries aren’t very popular but at least they are crazyfunny like me.

  221. Nickolus Fushianes Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I’m old (72) and I have prostate cancer I don’t want to win the
    silly contest – I would rather make people laugh with the jokes I make up –here’s one for your contestants:

    Why did the defense attorney insist that the people who sit in judgement of his client be well endowed young men?

    Answer: Cause he wanted to get a Hung jury.

    Now isn”t that more fun than the lame contest entries!

  222. Nickolus Fushianes Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Here”s another one I made up: why do the Magma contestants make love while resting on their hip and shoulder?

    Answer: Cause they like to fool around on the side.


  223. Theresa N Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Tom Cruise, he can’t keep a secret..if I makes him look good.

  224. Julia Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Jerry Lewis. Think I would lose my lunch.

  225. Naomi Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1


  226. Jenny Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Gilbert Godfrey. Could you imagine? His voice wouldn’t intimidate anyone.

  227. Susan Smith Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Drew Carey doesn’ have the body.

  228. Shannon Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Hmmm… I’d say the worst Batman actor would be Christopher Walken. For one, he couldn’t fill out the suit very well, for two, his voice wouldn’t quite be intimidating enough.

  229. Anne Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    Regis Philbin

    why you ask?

    He’d forget he even was batman :-)

    or he would mispronounce everyone’s name ;-)

  230. Jackie @ Family Daze Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I would think that Paris Hilton would make a rather poor Batman in that 1) she’s a girl and 2) she likes to wear pink — although she wouldn’t be terribly opposed to wearing tights.

  231. Joan Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    I have to go with Moby as the most Un-Batman Batman. He is too busy brewing tea.

  232. Denetra Weaver Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Jim Carey. He is such a nut.

  233. Marina John Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Robin williams!

  234. Ann Marie Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +3

    James Gandolfini. Everyone would recognize the heavy breathing.

  235. Ann Marie Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    George W. Bush. He likes to dress up as someone important. They’d never be able to get him out of the costume.

  236. michelle b. Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Robin Williams! Too funny to play batman

  237. Becky Grady Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Ashton Kutscher.

    He wouldn’t be able to keep a straight

    rlgrady [at] yahoo dot com

  238. Jessica Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    ANDY DICK would never be Batman. He is on drugs and is basically a loser. I think he was arrested recently.

  239. Gregg Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    Tom Cruise can never be Batman. No one takes him seriously anymore since he is such a huge Scientology promoter.

  240. vlad Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    John Melendez. By the time he could communicate his plans to Robin to
    foil any evil doer’s deeds, the dastardly deeds would be done.
    Plus, he wouldn’t have much time to clean up Gotham as he would have a
    full time job cleaning up Howard Stern’s mouth.

  241. Rodney K Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Carrot Top look at the guy he could never pull it off.

  242. Nicole Price Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    When I first read this week’s questions the first
    person who popped into my head was the dorky guy from
    Road Trip..DJ Qualls. There is no way…ever…that
    this guy would be Batman. I hope I win! :)

  243. Stacy Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Screech from saved by the bell.

  244. Holly B Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Carrot top! Have you seen him lately? He’s so gross looking. Not a good batman!

  245. Princess Leia Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +2

    Well, since I’m watching him right now with my son, I’d say Mister Rogers. Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s already a superhero just on his own, but he’d never be Batman in real life. 1) Batman’s too dark and Mister Rogers is all about making people feel better about themselves. 2) Batman uses violence to fix problems. I just can’t see Mister Rogers doing that. He’d explain to the villains how special they are just the way they are!

    And just so you know, this is what Snopes says about the sniper myth: http://www.snopes.com/radiotv/tv/mrrogers.asp

  246. Peggy Gorman Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    My answer is Regis Philben, afunny guy but he is no Batman!
    Count me in to this fun giveaway

  247. Gabriel Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    Did you know that Dr Ruth was a sniper in the Israeli army?

    Check it out: http://www.snopes.com/medical/doctor/drruth.asp

  248. Nicole Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Martha Stewart–she did a crime and paid the time. Enough said.

  249. Laura Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +1

    Ashley Olsen. She’s just sneaking around covering up for the REAL Batman – Mary Kate!

  250. lauren456 Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0


  251. Nickolus Fushianes Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    You couldn’t leave well enough alone: so I’m back!

    Why did Lauren456 stop at 6?

    Answer: Cause she can”t count up to ten!

  252. Nickolus Fushianes Says:
     Add karma Add double karma  +0

    And here”s another Joke of mine 1,000 times better than the lame

    contest entries.

    When crazynick,s therapist asked him: “Does anyone in your family

    suffer from insanity? How did he reply?

    Answer: NO, WE ALL ENJOY IT!

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