Jun 28 2008

Contest #1: Mischievous Time Traveler

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Hello and welcome to the inaugural post of MentalMagma.com. This site is for creative people and for people who enjoy the output of creative minds. Mental Magma will host inventive, original, and sometimes bizarre contests at least once a week. The winners (as determined by you, the users) will receive varying cash and prizes. Please read the About Us link above for more general information on this website and its future.

Contest #1: Mischievous Time Traveler

So, let’s get to contest #1: Mischievous Time Traveler. Your first challenge is to imagine you are in possession of a fully-functional time machine. You are charged with the duty of traveling back in time to publicly depants* someone. Nevermind why, you just need to pick a time and a person.

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