Nov 30 2008

Contest #22: Winner

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When I saw who won this week’s contest, I felt sure we had our first 2x MM champion. But, when I went back and looked up all the winners, his name was not among them. I guess he’s just done quite well here already; it felt like he was champion material already. The person of whom I speak is Mach3. He took down Contest #22 with a one vote lead over Greg. He wins his choice of gift certificates to the MM Store or

The winner of the MM participation reward this week is Stevel Knievel. Although Stevel has won before, that doesn’t disqualify him from the random draw (as long as he meets the weekly eligibility requirements). He wins a $10 gift certificate to the MM store.

Thanks for getting through a rough week. I’m back at home base and ready to get things back to normal.

Nov 29 2008

Contest #22: Finalists

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Continuing with no frills week, let me jump right in. The MM selection team chose 4 of the 5 finalists this week and user Jakutz chose the fifth. As the user who came up with this contest, he gets to be a guest judge (which translates to getting to choose one finalist). The user Jakutz selected was Bovine. The other four finalists are: Alex, Greg, Mach3, and What.

There are no special mentions this week. The polls will be open until 5pm EST on Sunday.

Don’t forget we’ve got the Black Friday/after Thanksgiving sale extended through Monday at 11:59pm EST. Thanks to everyone who entered the contest this week.

[poll id="29"]

The poll cut off the end of What’s answer. It should read:

Proletariat Uprising: At any point in the game, all players who aren't High Society class may roll 10 dice. If the total is above 55 they are angry enough with the Status Quo, and all High Society members are killed.

photo by flickr user jumphawk

Nov 28 2008

MM Black Friday Sale

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Okay, so I’m still out of town and staying at a place where I have very limited internet access. Also, the best I could do for a pic was to photoshop a brain into this Black Friday store pic. I know, I’m really phoning it in this week.

However, that doesn’t stop us putting MM Store stuff on sale. We’re going with exactly what you asked for: Hoodies and dark tees. Hoodies are 10% off and the dark tees are 15% off. Also, if you order over $50 in merch, you can enter in code FEMHOL10 to get free shipping. That’s right, free shipping. That code will only work through Friday at 11:59pm. However, the discounts will be in effect until Monday at 11:59pm (all times EST). Enjoy.

Nov 26 2008

You can tell I’m on vacation

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I and the other MM staff are away on Thanksgiving vacation right now, so I have limited time to post any content besides the basic contest stuff. However, I found this link and spent a good bit of time playing with the web page. Go here and have some fun:

Nov 24 2008

Contest #22: Real-Life MMORPG

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With this being Thanksgiving week, we expect participation in the contest to be lower than average. We decided it would be a good time to run a contest that might not have broad appeal, but could be very motivating to a subset of our users. This idea was thought up by user Jakutz (who will be a guest judge this week).

The contest this week is to create a new type of MMORPG (e.g. World of Warcraft) character class that corresponds to everyday life in high school, college, or the workplace. Talk about their strengths, weaknesses, and abilities.

Example: Emo. They find strength in sissy music, crying, and complaining about their lives. Weak against gym class, authority, and 9-year-old girls. At level 10 they can wear geeky glasses and gain the ability to sing like a eunuch.

Standard contest timeline and contest rules apply this week. By leaving an entry you are agreeing to those rules. The entry voted the favorite by MM users will earn its author their choice of a $40 gift certificate OR a $50 gift certificate to the MM Online Store.

Contest Summary
: Invent an MMORPG character class drawn from real life.
How to enter: Write your entry in the Contest Entries section.
Deadline: Friday, November 28th at 5pm EST
Prize: Your choice of a $40 gift certificate OR a $50 gift certificate to the MM Online Store.

Announcement: This contest is closed. Feel free to continue to leave your answers here, but you'll be doing so strictly for our edification. Why don't you see what's going on in the forum or check out the latest update or contest?

Nov 23 2008

Contest #21: Winner

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The votes were more evenly distributed than normal this week, but erumpeltin won with a decent margin. So, if you need help in post-zombie-apocalypse world with a covert plea for help, go with this:

HELP NEEDED: Need help exterminating some bees I found in my woods. Experience with some bees is a plus. Must have own tools. Apply in person. (212) 555 1212

Erumpeltin wins his choice of Amazon or Mental Magma gift certificate and, since we were unable to guess his name, MM’s first born child. We’re happy to see SomeGuyNamedDoug win the drawing for our participation prize this week, as he usually gives very good feedback on other users’ entries. SGND gets a $10 MM store gift certificate that will come in quite handy during our forthcoming Black Friday sale.

Nov 22 2008

Ideas for Black Friday Sale

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We’ve decided to participate in the American tradition of the Black Friday sale. The day after Thanksgiving we’ll launch our first sale in the Mental Magma Store. Just in case you’re also celebrating another American tradition, Buy Nothing Day, we’ll be extending the sale though the Monday following Thanksgiving.

Our question to you: what do you want us to put on sale? Tell us which designs or which styles (hoodies, dark tees, etc) on which you’d most like to see us reduce the price. I can make it happen…I know a guy who knows a guy.

Nov 21 2008

Contest #21: Finalists

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I think quite a number of you would have gotten your town nuked this week, but it’s all in good fun.  This has been one of my favorite contests, and judging by this forum thread, you’ve enjoyed it as well.  All of you clearly know a lot about zombies and zombie elimination.  That’s unfortunate because this week’s extra prize is a book on the subject…dang…I should have anticipated that.  Maybe the worst entry should win a copy of the book. :)

The following entries were either staff favorites or user faves: Jukutz’ ill-spelled but clever zombie killers, greg’s pig latin plea, fuzz o.t.c’s Obama posseMach3′s M4M, SesameStreetGang’s over-30-words-but-good Thriller, Ian Randal Strock’s Zombie Wars reenactment, S.G.N.D.’s Zombie Wars Veterans, nmrboy’s local band, Barnaby Hayespest control,  and giraffe1089‘s black friday sale.

The top 5 zombie-slaying yet government-nuke-evading entries were written by Etmoose, jupchu, vlad, erumpeltin, and Soleil.  The poll will be up until 5pm EST on Sunday.

[poll id="28"]

picture by flickr user underbiteman

Nov 21 2008

The Intersection of MM Rewards

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I’ve just got a quick note for everyone. There was an occurence last week that I wanted to share. As most of you know we give away a Participation Reward every week. The winner is randomly selected from the group of people that meet two requirements: (1) logging in to vote in the finals, & (2) doing some form of participation OTHER than entering the contest (like giving other people feedback on their entries, participating in a game, or posting on the forum).

Just so we’re all on the same page, here is the list of people who met the voting requirement last week: (List excludes ineligible voters, like that week’s finalists)

fyrtygr         Arkansas
Dana           giraffe1089
IngShoe       jupchu
Soleil           rudolfs001
Snoconegrl  erumpeltin
Iaoai            Jakutz
Lalaith         pennydreadful
Stevel          nmrboy

Here is the list of people who met the participation requirement:

RED                  Jakutz
Etmoose           Stevel
Garrett              Shirin
Bunny Slippers  Zabo
Dana                 Vlad

I’ll save you the trouble of scanning and tell you the intersection of the two lists: Dana, Jakutz, and Stevel. Stevel was ineligible because he had won the previous week’s prize (winners are ineligible for 1 week). That just left Dana and Jakutz as the only people from which to choose our random winner. Dana won the virtual coin flip.

My point is that the participation reward doesn’t seem to be working too well and I wanted to get your thoughts on the issue. Is it too hard to log in when you vote? Is the reward not large enough to be motivating? Should we switch to a system in which the winner gets to get their reward based in part on merit (like if we asked the winner a trivia question for a larger reward)?

Maybe we should scrap the whole Participation Reward system and use a system in which you earn points for doing actions like in MM rewards, but you could spend the points on cool stuff.

Post your thoughts in the comments section of this post.

Nov 20 2008

Cross cultural Thriller

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One of the entries this week mentioned Michael Jackson’s Thriller and it reminded me of this video. 1,500 plus CPDRC inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center, Cebu, Philippines do Thriller:

Very few music scholars are aware that Michael Jackson copied Thriller from this Indian artist:

Nov 18 2008

Special session of MM selection committee

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We’ve got a problem here at Mental Magma. Way back in Contest #13 Zabo wrote this entry:

Warning: This beverage may cause structural instability.
Below would be a picture of the Kool-Aid guy busting through a wall.

We thought it was swell and made this design:

The problem is that we can’t make this design into merch because of the inherent copyright issues. Now we have a set of 11 shirts where we wanted a set of 12. The solution to the problem: Slap Zabo a high five, say “sorry buddy, intellectual property snafu”, and choose another design to make into merch. That’s where you step in. We’ve decided to give you a voice in the decision.

I’ve made a poll for you to help us choose the 12th design. It’s different from our other polls in that you can choose up to two options to vote for. Vote for the top two designs that you’d like to see made into merch selections. We’ll probably just make one, but choose two just in case we go wild and do a 13 for contest #13 thing.

[poll id="27"]

Nov 17 2008

Contest #21: Post-Apocalyptic Classifieds Ad

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For this contest you must imagine you are living in a post apocalyptic world. In this world, the apocalypse was caused by a zombie outbreak that spanned the globe but was eventually quelled…mostly. Our story involves you discovering that there are still some zombies in the wilderness surrounding your town.

The contest this week is to write a classifieds ad that will find someone who will help you eradicate the zombie infestation. The trick is that you can’t be obvious about what you need. If the government goons spot your ad and think there’s an outbreak, they’ll nuke the whole region. You must get the right person for the job without revealing your predicament.

Limitations: Imagine you are posting this ad in the surviving regional newspaper. It can be any kind of classified ad (garage sale, personals, help wanted, etc) as long as it has the goals described above. You must be succinct. You are allowed no more than 3 lines, each with no more than 10 words per line.

Standard contest timeline and contest rules apply this week. By leaving an entry you are agreeing to those rules. The entry voted the favorite by MM users will earn its author Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide & their choice of a $15 gift certificate OR a $20 gift certificate to the MM Online Store.

Contest Summary
: Write a classifieds ad covertly seeking help with zombie eradication
How to enter: Post your ad in the Contest Entries section 
Deadline: Friday, November 21st at 5pm EST
Prize: choice of gift certificate and Max Brooks’ The Zombie Survival Guide.

Photo by Flickr user Dr_Doom

Announcement: This contest is closed. Feel free to continue to leave your answers here, but you'll be doing so strictly for our edification. Why don't you see what's going on in the forum or check out the latest update or contest?

Nov 16 2008

Contest #20: Winner

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This week’s poll was a close 3-party race. Alex, Greg, and Fuzz on the concept all had a chance to win, but at the closing bell Fuzz O.T.C. had the most votes.

We shan’t be surprised if Hallmark contacts Mr On The Concept and offers him a job. The quip that earned him the win was:

Hoping all your hallucinations are harmless this Holiday Season!

F. on the C. will receive a $35 gift certificate to the MM online store. Our MM Participation Rewards winner this week was Dana, who wins a $20 MM online store gift certificate (We doubled the amount to $20 in honor of contest 20).

This was a merch contest, so we’ll be making real cards out of some of these card ideas and selling them in our store. We’ll try to have that done and announced in the next week so you can send them out as holiday cards. Let us know if you have a favorite you’d really like to see make the cut (merch selections can be chosen from any entries, not just the finalists).

Nov 15 2008

MM User Leaderboard Update (through Contest #19)

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Jakutz is still on top, but Zabo is closing in on him. The big movers this week were Lalaith and jupchu who both went from unranked to 7th & 8th respectively. Alex also deserves some props for jumping 7 spots to take the #3 position.

1 Jakutz 45.5
2 Zabo 36.5
3 Alex 31.75
4 Greg
5 R.E.D. 23.25
6 SomeGuyNamedDoug 22
7 Lalaith
8 jupchu 18.75
9 Brendan 18.25
10 Mach3 17.5
11 fooly cooly
12 Bunny slippers
13 nmrboy
14 Iaoai
15 etmoose 15.25
16 Ian Randal Strock
17 Garrett 14.25
18 dlawhon
19 Tiago
20 Arkansas 12.5

Nov 14 2008

Contest #20: Finalists

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Hallmark Shmallmark is right. You guys rocked this week. What can’t MM’ers do? Compose classical music? Beethoven Shmeethoven.

Given that we limit the finalists to the top five entries, each week we like to take the time to recognize some of the other outstanding submissions.  The following entries were either staff or crowd favorites: Etmoose’s terrifying traditions, Pennydreadful’s magic finger, Gig661′s birth control admonishment, pjmomof3boys Aunt Agnes, Etmooses holiday car, Lisas winter wonderland, R.E.D.’s drunken sot, Beverlys Goodwill jester, jupchu‘s they’ll behave, SomeGuyNamedDoug’s unspeakable name, Arkansashandkerchief boob job, cgomezs nativity scene, erumpletons Hasslehoff cover, Taylors chloroform,

Your five finalists this week are diggyk, Alex, fuzz on the concept, Greg, and Mike Fo’ Sho’.  The poll will be open until 5pm EST on Sunday.  Don’t forget to log in to vote if you want to be eligible for the MM Participation Rewards.

[poll id="26"]

photo by flickr user spacepotato