Feb 01 2009

Contest #31: Winner

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The winner of contest #31 is Etmoose.  He takes down his second contest and joins our fast growing group of 2x winners.  The entry that did it:

Isolate yourself from what you love in life by connecting to your job 24/7 with Blackberry.

He wins his choice of a gift certificate to Amazon.com or the Mental Magma Store.

Contest #31 may be a turning point in MM history, not for anything related to its subject matter, but because of its timing. Next week MM is going to be featured in the school paper of the University of Georgia (where I currently work and attend classes).

A large influx of users is likely to shake things up a bit.  If we gain a significant number of persistant users, the number of entries, the average quality of the finalists, and number of people reading/rating entries will all head north.  These are probably all positive changes, but we may have to make some changes to MM structures (most likely upgrades to our contest entry/upload systems).  We’ll be looking to our long time users for help and guidance on issues of change in the coming weeks and months.