Jun 24

Contest Rules

admin @ 10:13 pm

This is not a comprehensive list. We may add rules as clever users break our system.


  1. Multiple contest entries are allowed.
  2. If you come up with more than one entry, each entry must be submitted separately. For most contests that means entering each entry as an individual comment.
  3. Only one vote per person will be counted.
  4. Anyone can vote on contests; anyone can enter the contests (but you must provide a valid email address when entering contests if you expect us to be able to get you that week’s prize).
  5. Late entries will not be considered (unless they are so mind-bogglingly good that we feel like remaking and reposting the poll).
  6. This site isn’t for little children, but we also don’t want any X-rated entries.
  7. Upon submission the entries to the contests become the property of Mental Magma and we reserve the right to use them in any way we wish.
  8. By submitting an entry you assert that it contains your own original work. You will indemnify Mental Magma if you submit copyrighted work that is not your own.
  9. The finalists are chosen by the MM selection committee (a group whose identity is more closely guarded than the MPAA). The committee uses a myriad of factors in determining the finalists. The votes the entries receive from users are a considered in the selection, but having many votes does not guarantee making the final five.

Photo Contest Rules

You must have something that says "Mental Magma" or "MentalMagma.com" in the picture (not photoshopped in). It can be hand written on a poster, printed out paper, spelled out in toothpaste, shaved into your head or whatever.  As long as something in the photo legibly says those words, you'll be within the rules.

To upload your photo, just go to the contest entries section of this post and you'll notice a button there labeled "browse" under the words "Add an image".  Click that button then find & select your photo on your computer.  You'll still be able to type in a comment and when you click submit; the photo will be underneath what you wrote.  We'll still be able to rate the entries like usual.

The upload function is still not working in Internet Explorer (or Chrome) right now.  Please use Firefox when uploading. If don't have access to Firefox for some reason, you can email the pics to MentalMagma (at) gmail.com and we'll post them for you.

Mental Magma Participation Rewards

MM Participation Rewards is a weekly contest separate from our main contest.  Each week there is a prize that users can become eligible for by interacting with the community.  We don’t release exactly what affects your chances of winning (to prevent gaming the system), but encouraged activities include:

  • Posting feedback on other users’ entries
  • Participating in games
  • Voting in the finalists polls
  • Posting in the forum
  • Rating contest entries
  • Submitting contest ideas

Please note that, at minimum, a user must vote in the finalists poll and do one other thing on the list to be eligible to win that week’s prize.  Additionally, the user must be registered and logged in when voting (that’s the only way we can verify the action).  We randomly select the winner from the pool of eligible users.

Contest Timeline

A standard contest follows this schedule:

Monday: The contest is announced. Users have until Friday at 5pm EST to submit their entries. Users have the same period of time to rate other user entries.

Friday (shortly after 5pm EST): A poll announcing the 5 finalists is posted. Users have until 5pm EST on Sunday to vote for their favorite entry.

Sunday (shortly after 5pm EST): An announcement of the contest winner is posted. Sometimes the entire Mental Magma crew arrives at the winner’s house with cake, balloons, and a C-list celebrity (usually that guy that sings Chocolate Rain on youtube). Sometimes we don’t.